What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed, also called Wall Bed is a bed that is hidden inside a cabinet to save space in a small home, office, studio or guest room.
Murphy Beds helps you to create a multi-functional room and when you don’t use the bed you will have extra space to use for other things.
You will have more space for family and friends instead of using the expensive square meters for a bed that is not used more than a few times a year.

More and more people worldwide move into cities and the urban areas are expanding so lack of space is almost a problem for all of us, it doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a big house. A Wall Bed is the ulimate way to solve this problem.

If you don’t want to use one of your rooms for a guest who might visit just a few times a year you can buy a Murphy Bed and hide it when you don’t use it and only use it as a bed when you need it.

A Murphy Bed (Wall Bed) gives you an extra bedroom only when you need it and the rest of the time you use the space for other things that’s more important for the moment. Think about having an extra functional room inside a room without rebuilding the house and without the extra cost of that, a Murphy Bed gives you this opportunity.

A Murphy Bed use the  limited space of a small apartment without any sacrifice and is the perfect solution for small and tiny homes.
When you’re settling into a starter or if you have to downsize your home for any reason you have to plan every single square meter to have the most functional home as possible, then a Wall Bed is the perfect solution for you.
Maybe you just have a studio then you can use your room as an office, workout room or playroom during the day and as a bedroom at night.

You can also buy a Cabinet Bed instead of a Murphy Bed. A Cabinet Bed has the same function as a Wall Bed but is a low cost alternative. A Cabinet Bed fits into a room with lower ceiling it is free standing and doesn´t require installation.
A Cabinet Bed looks like a sideboard and you can put nice decorations, a lamp, TV, flowers or something else on top of it.

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Why a Murphy Bed?

  • If you live in a small apartment and need more space for friends sometimes
  • If you need extra space in a room
  • If you want an extra bed for night guests in your house
  • If you want to convert the kids playroom to a guestroom when your family is visiting
  • If you need to combine an office and bedroom