Arason Enterprises Creden-ZzZ Full Size Cabinet Bed, Pekoe

This Arason Enterprises fold-out full size murphy cabinet bed helps you to save space in your room and make the room more multifunctional it also adds extra sleeping space to any room.
The full size murphy cabinet bed is the perfect solution to furnish condos, lofts, studios, guest rooms and home offices and is the perfect low-cost alternative to Murphy bed.

This Arason Enterprises murphy cabinet bed is a stylish cabinet that folds out to a full size bed.

The Creden-ZzZ Style Cabinet bed comes with a tri-fold, memory foam mattress that conveniently folds into a full cabinet bed when not used. This is a 6 – inch mattress with 4 inches of base foam and two inches of memory foam. Three mattress segments are sewn together and do not separate when laid flat.

The cabinet bed can easy fit under a window and be moved around the room.

This Arason Enterprises cabinet bed is easy to open and close.

The Murphy Cabinet bed is made from wood and roomy storage drawer for pillows or blankets.

Product dimensions:

36″ H x 58″ W x 24″ D

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