Arason Enterprises Essex Creden Cabinet Bed, Natural

This Arason Enterprises Essex Creden ZzZ cabinet bed helps you to save space in your room and make the room more multifunctional it also adds extra sleeping space to any room.
The Arason Enterprises Essex Creden ZzZ cabinet is the perfect solution to furnish condos, lofts, studios, guest rooms and home offices.

This Arason Enterprises murphy cabinet bed is a stylish cabinet that folds out to a queen size bed.

This cabinet bed has a drawer for storing pillows or bedding. Felt covered runners and fold out legs support the fold-down-front panel of the cabinet bed when open.

The Creden-ZzZ Cabinet bed is an extraordinarily comfortable concelaed bed with a 40% smaller foot print than a sleeper sofa.

The cabinet bed can easy fit under a window and be moved around the room and a murphy cabinet bed is less expensive then regular wall beds and no installation to the wall is required.

T.V. a lamp, vases and other decorations can be placed on top of the cabinet bed and stays in place when bed is folded out and no need to remove objects from the top of the cabinet to use the bed.

This Arason Enterprises Creden cabinet bed is available in three popular finishes, White, Black and Natural.

Product dimensions:

64 x 25 x 43 inches

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