How much does a Cabinet Bed cost and how does it work?

A Cabinet Bed is free standing and don´t require installation like a Murphy Bed or a Wall Bed so the Cabinet Bed can easily be moved to another room.
The function of a Cabinet Bed is the same as a Murphy Bed, the bed is simply hidden behind doors and doesn´t take space when not in use and easy to fold out when needed.
A Cabinet Bed is a perfect solution if you have a small home and need an extra guest bed sometimes, you can store things on top of the Cabinet Bed and put nice decorations like, a lamp, vase, flowers, or this SMART LED TV for a very good price right now recommended by Amazon.    
With a Cabinet Bed you can use less square meters more effectively and still have space for friends and family to stay over night.
The best thing with a Cabinet Bed compared to a Murphy Bed is that a Cabinet Bed can also fit in a room with lower ceilings.

Cabinet bed with extra large storage drawer
(More Color and Size Options)
This is a very good Cabinet Bed to a valuable price.
The Cabinet Bed comes in both twin and queen size and in three different colors, Atlantic Grey, Espresso and White.
The Cabinet Bed is easy to use and space saving
Extra large storage drawer
Cool soft memory foam mattress
Easy opening and closing

Some reviews from amazon:
“I absolutely love this cabinet”  “Better than I expected!”  “Good product”  “This Murphy bed was exactly what I have been looking for”

Full size Cabinet bed sideways pull down
This is a good solution if you don´t have the space on the floor to pull down a normal cabinet bed, this is a sideways pull down Cabinet Bed and save space on the floor from the wall.
The Cabinet Bed comes in full size and white color.

Cabinet bed with memory foam mattress 
This Cabinet Bed comes in Queen size and chocolate color.
The Cabinet Bed is easy to convert
Queen gel memory foam mattress
10 year warranty

Some reviews from amazon:
“I am so happy with this bed”  “Exactly as advertised, love it.”  “Great and comfortable”  “Love the concept of the murphy cabinet.”