Bowery Hill Wall Bed in full size and Tuscany Brown color 

This Bowery Hill Wall Bed helps you to save space in your house, condo, loft, studio or guest’s room and make the room more multifunctional.

This Bowery Hill Wall Bed is a full size Wall Bed.

The new mechanism of this Bowery Hill wall bed provides simplified assembly.

Box spring is not required and mattress is not included with the wall bed. Maximum dimensions of the mattress are 54″ X 75″ and minimum weight is 70 lbs.

The Bowery Hill Murphy Bed will require a clearance of 85.4“ from the wall extending into the room, when opened.

The height of the ceiling needs to be a minimum of 85″ to be able to raise the wall bed during installation and a minimum of 88″ to install the crown molding of the murphy bed.

This Bowery Hill Murphy Bed in full size is available in tuscany brown color.

Product dimensions

Width: 63.4 in 
Height: 85.0 in
Depth: 20.0 in