How to create the best circus room for kids?

To create kids room is very inspiring and fun because you don´t have to think about matching colors, nice design or good looking furnitures.
The only thing you have to consider is how the kids would like the room if they could design the room by themselves.
They would probobly not say that they would like white, grey or black colors on the wall. They would rather say that they would like to have strong colors such as pink, blue, yellow, red, green and so on.
We will give you our top 10 best circus ideas for creating a kidsroom and also where to find the things you need to buy for creating your kid´s favourite room.

1. Paint the rooms in stripes and decorate with ceiling medallions and honeycombs

Paint stripes in the ceiling
First of all you should deside what colors you woul like to paint the ceilings in.
A striped ceiling in the kids room is very effect full and makes the room look like a real circus. Use a good masking tape to separate the different colors in the ceiling and make perfect lines.

Ceiling medallions are a very effect full decoration. Many people think that a ceiling medallion is only for living rooms or houses with high ceiling to make the room look old and rustic but if you play with bright colors the ceiling medallion is a very fun decoration in the kids room as well.

To make the ceiling effect complete to the circus room you can hang honey combs from the ceiling medallion. There are so many lovely colors to choose from when you are looking for honeycombs so you just have to think about what colors that matches best to the ceiling color you choose.

2. Make your own Ferris Wheel as decoration

Make your own circus decoration like this DIY Ferris Wheel
It is very funny to buy nice things but there is even more fun to do it your self.
When you get an idea for something you want to have, it can sometimes be hard to find that specific product.
That was exactly what happened when we got the ide of having a miniature of a real Ferris Wheel i the circus room.
We couldn´t find it so we had to make it ourselves and this is how we did it.

First of all we bought a cupcake ferris wheel and sprayed it in gold color but you can choose to spray the cupcake wheel in any other color you want. Then we just bought cupcake papers and put into the cupcake ferris weel to make it look like the ferris wheel cabins.
To make the ferris wheel complete we had to put som passengers in the cabin and the passengers is small cute finger puppies.

3. Decorate with LED light letters for a cosy feeling in the circus room

Make your own words with battery operated LED light letters
Letters is very popular and it is fun to play with words to create a personal or crazy word in your kids room.
LED light letters that is battery operated is very easy to handle though you can put them anywhere in the room without having wires all over the room and you don´t have to think of where the power outlet in the room is.
The letters will light up the room with a very cosy light. You can use the letters free standing or hang them on the wall with the built in wall hanger hook.
The fantasy is only the limit with these letters and you can create any word you want, for example your KIDS NAME, CIRCUS, DREAMS, GOOD NIGHT, HELLO, LOVE and more.

You will also need a table lamp in the circus room and we recommend this lovely circus lamp in beautiful colors.



4. Decorate the walls with circus wall stickers and circus pictures

Decorate the walls in the circus room with wall stickers and circus pictures
We want to help you to decorate the kid´s room and make it colorful and playful. It´s important for the kids to have a lot of colors to look at and it also makes the learning much easier for the youngest kids.
Imagine if the walls is white and you don´t even hang up pictures. There is not much to look at, talk about or point at. Instead you can think about a room full of colors, pictures, wall stickers with animals, letters, cars, houses or anything else on. Then it is much easier for the kid to learn about colors, things, animals and other things every day.
Even if you have white walls and think it´s difficult to paint them in another color you can put up wall stickers on the wall and create a much more fun and playful room.

You can also decorate the walls with these lovely wall art prints with circus animals riding the train.

5. The room should also ble playful with a lot of fun toys

The circus room isn´t all about decoration it´s also important that it´s playful
Even if it´s very fun to decorate the room for your kid and you probably have a lot of fun and good ideas it´s also important to make sure that they have something to play with. It´s so easy to just decorate with nice and cute things and forget about the circus toys.
One thing that is very fun for kids to play with is an “bean bag can toss game” it feels like they are at a real circus and it´s also very good for the learning accuracy.




6. Let the kids invite you to the circus and sell tickets and candy from this circus ticket office



Make the game more enjoyable with real circus tickets
It´s much more fun if the kids can sell things for real like tickets, candy, balloons and more.

Give that extra circus feeling with lovely circus balloons
Put som circus ballons at the circus ticket office and you can also have circus balloons here and there in the room for decoration.

7. Any child would love to sleep in this lovely circus themed bedding set

Circus duvet cover set for the older kids
Circus is also fun for older kids but they maybe will have another interior style and not so childish style, like this circus duvet cover set with print of circus, carneval and magicians.

8. Complete the room with these circus printed curtains

Circus curtains makes the room
It is always fun to go all in when decorating at home, especially a kids room because you can ad so much fun and crazy things to the decor. The curtains are also important to make the room welcoming and cozy so it´s fun that you can buy the circus theme even for the curtains.
We also recommend you to hang a circus banner in the circus room for the right circus feeling.

9. Of course you need this Circus Directional Sign so friends and family can easy find the way to the circus

Photo Booth for the circus room
Don´t forget to tell your friends and family that they need to grab a circus photo boot before entering your room.




10. The only one missing now is the clown:)

Make the clown ready for the circus
The only one missing before the circus can start is the clown.
Complete the clown costume with some other clown accessories and let the show begin.





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