If you want to decorate the walls in your new home and don´t find any pictures you like, you can put a nice clock on the wall instead.

It is easy to find a rug, some plants and even a sofa without a problem but it can sometimes be hard to find a picture you like.

It is important to have something on the wall so the walls do not look so empty. A wall clock is both decorating and useful at the same time. There are a lot of wall clocks on the market so you have to choose which one matches your own style best.

If you want a wall clock for the bedroom it´s important that you choose one that is not ticking too much.

If you want an alarm clock on the bedside table it is a good idea to choose from a digital clock so you easy can see what time it is in the night.

A clock is like any other home decorating item, it is important to make your home feel cosy and welcomming.


Buy Clocks

A black silent non ticking wall clock (More Size Options)

Colorful wooden vintage wall clock, silent non ticking 12 inch

Cuckoo Clock, handcrafted wood with dancers and music

Non ticking and easy to read, round wooden wall clock

Sunrise alarm clock with 6 color switch and FM radio, makes you wake up naturally

Non ticking lightweight wall clock in modern design and many colors, made of artificial leather

Frameless 3D wall clock with mirror surface. Modern design and silent  (More Color Options)

Extra large digital alarm clock for impaired vision, perfect for seniors (More Color Options)

Unique word clock with text display instead of numbers (More Size Options)

Digital alarm clock with LED night light display and separate on/off button (More Size Options)

Modern non ticking wall clock in marble design and with rose gold frame (More Color Options)

Non ticking 13 inch wall clock in elegant bronze color, battery operated and completely silent