When decorating a room it is easy to choose furnitures, rugs, lamps and so on but don´t forget to choose the right curtains as well.

Many decoratiors will actually say that the curtains make the room if you choose the right curtains.

First of all you have to choose the right fabric so the curtains will look good and have the right function. If the curtains are too heavy they may not fold in the right way when drawn and if the curtains are too light the may not have the right fall.

It is also important to choose the right curtains for the right room, for the bedroom you should choose darkening curtains (blackout curtains) for the best nightsleep. It is important to have a dark and cool bedroom when sleeping.
Most hotels have blackout curtains because their guest doesn´t necessary sleep during the night and therefore it´s important that the room can be dark even during daytime.

If the room gets too dark it can be a good idea just to have a night lamp in the bedroom if you need to go up for any reason during the night.

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