All rooms need some kind of lighting and before you start to decorate a room you should plan the lighting well.
Think about what kind of room it is and what kind of lights you need for that specific room.

If it is your office for example, your table lamp or reading lamp might be the most important lighting and if it is a kitchen, the work light under the cabinets are very important.
If you have a picture wall, spotlights can be used to highlight that wall. In the bedrom you need more cosy lighting. In the bathroom it is important to have the right lights that is waterproof and safe.

Another good way to change the light is to use a dimmer that gives the light more cosy feeling and not so bright. You can also visually change the size and the feeling of a room with the right lighting. If the walls are dark you can get an illusion of a bigger room if you put the lights in the right place of the room.

The lighting is more important than people think and bad lighting can really make a room feel unwelcoming.
Of course it is also important sometimes to turn the ligts off and just light some candles.

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