Many people have problems with storage and organization at home and can sometimes feel overwhelmed with clutter.
It is therefore important to find your own best way to organize your household items.
There are a lot of easy storage ideas that is cheap and simple.

If you live in a small apartment or house and don´t have so much space for storage, it is even more important to be organized in the right way.

The storage needs is different depending on what kind of room it is.

In the bathroom for examle you need a lot of smaller storage boxes or storage baskets for all hair accessories and cosmetics.
It is also a good ide to have your hairdryer, curling iron or hair straightener in a storage basket.

In the kids room the storage boxes needs to be much larger so that you can store all toys, books, blankets and more.

Another good storage idea is to have plastic boxes under the bed if there is space for that, and there you can store away winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter.

To organize your pens, scissors etc in the office you can use storage jars or storage cans.

A shoe rack in the hall way or walk-in-closet is a smart way to have your shoes organized.

You can also use a storage basket for home decoration as a pot for your artificial flowers.

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