Hong Kong egg bubble waffle maker from CucinaPro

With this Hong Kong egg bubble waffle maker from CucinaPro you can make your own bubble waffles for lunch and breakfast in under 5 minutes.

The Hong Kong egg waffle maker from Cucinapro has an easy lock closing mechanism and nonstick coated cooking plates.

The bubble waffle maker is made with great quality from CucinaPro.

Egg waffles is one of the most popular street snack in Hong Kong and were ranked No 1 in a street snack listing and have been favoured street snack in Hong Kong since the 1950s.

The Hong Kong egg bubble waffles are usually served hot and is often eaten plain although they can be served with flavours or fruit.

In Chinatown, New York, the Hong kong egg waffles is often called Hong Kong cakes.

One peace of a Hong Kong egg bubble waffle can have around 20-35 small round balls.

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