Krups GQ502D waffle maker with extra deep pockets

This Krups GQ502D waffle maker is a highly recommended waffle maker that makes 4-slice Belgian waffles with extra deep pockets and handle lock for convenient storage.

The waffle maker from Krups GQ502D has 5 adjustable browning levels, from light to dark and nonstick grid so the waffles can be easily released with all kind of batter.

The Waffle maker from Krups GQ502D delivers both perfect looking waffles and waffles that are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and it also has an audible “ready” beep.

The Krups GQ502D waffle maker has dishwasher safe plates so it is easy to clean.

The Waffle maker from Krups gq502d also has red and green indicator lights for on, ready, and done.

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