PonyCycle Vroom Rider Unicorn K41

This PonyCycle Unicorn is a non power walking toy with simulation apearance and a real horse riding feel.

The riding Unicorn from PonyCycle is good for kids balance,coordination and active play.

The toy from Pony Cycle is safety assured with EN-71 and ASTM-F963.

The riding Unicorn from PonyCycle can be riding both indoor and outdoor on flat ground and is easy to install & maintenance.

Vroom Rider and PonyCycle presents the first simulation animal toy in the world, which allows kids to exercise and ride around the toy without batteries.

When riding on a rocking horse they will be kept on one spot but this Pony Cycle riding toy allows children to ride to wherever he/she wants. It will be like riding on a real horse.

By gently bouncing up and down on the saddle the children will make the Unicorn move forward in a galloping motion.

Upgraded Design for fantastic riding experience, made of the finest cuddly soft plush.

This Pony Cycle includes various accessories for added fun and light-up wheels while riding.

The PonyCycle Unicorn is for children of age 4-9 years and has weight capacity 88lbs.
Dimensions is 35.4″ L x 16″ W x 38.6″ H and Seat Height: 23″.

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