Make your own 5 piece layer cake!

First you should use a good recipe that you like, then use the five piece layer cake pan and color the batter in the colors you like and make sure all the cake layers are at the same height.
When you should assembly the layer cake you can use decorator icing and it is easier if the layers are chilled so they won´t fall into pieces.
Now you place the first layer on a plate or cake stand and put frosting on it with an icing spatula to make the frosting an even layer and then put the next layer on top and repeat.
To decorate the layer cake you use frosting or whipped cream and then put sprinkles on top of the layer cake and don´t forget the birthday candles.

Layer cake pan set

Set of five piece 6-inch layer cake pans to make a trendy five layer cake in lovely colors.
A single batch of batters or one cake mix is enough to fill all five pans.
Now you can make your own trendy layer cake for the birthday party in rainbow or pastel colors.
The layer cake is easy to release and clean up due to non-stick coating.
Several recipes are included in the layer cake pan set.

Food coloring

With these Wilton Color Right performance color system you can color more with fewer drops and never need to compromise the consistency of your batter, fondant or icing.
With Wilton Color Right performance color system it is easy to coordinate the color of your sweet treats and you can make a perfect layer cake.
The Wilton Color Right Performance Color System is easy to use and control due to the squeeze bottles.
With these food colors you can create an endless variety of vibrant colors or soft pastels.

Rainbow sprinkles

Complete the homemade rainbow layer cake with these rainbow sprinkles in different colors and deliciously flavored.
The bottle includes 6.25 ounce of rainbow jimmies that is perfect for decorating brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more.
Certified Kosher.